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Duomo Square

Distance: 0 mt
The building overlooks Piazza Duomo. Here is the symbol of Catania, a statue of an elephant, surmounted by an obelisk, which the people of Catania call “u Liotru”. You can also visit the Cathedral of Sant’Agata. The religious building, dedicated to the virgin and martyr patron.

The Fish Market

Distance: 40 mt
The fish market in Catania is a scenario that tells the story of fish: colors, smells and screams make it one of the most evocative corners of the city.

Teatro Massimo Bellini

Distance: 550 mt
The Massimo Bellini Theater, built according to a project by the Milanese architect Carlo Sada, was inaugurated in 1890 with   “Norma”, the masterpiece by Vincenzo Bellini. In the hundred years of its existence this center of propulsion of the music of Catania has seen many of the greatest twentieth century musicians pass on the tables of its stage

Benedictine monastery

Distance: 750 mt
The Benedictine Monastery is located in the historic center of Catania and for its size is considered the second in Europe. Today, the cultural center hosts the University of Catania and many cultural initiatives.

Ursino Castle

Distance: 1km
The Ursino Castle is one of the most important monuments of Catania, today also a museum. The birth of the imposing manor dates back to about 800 years ago and is due to Emperor Frederick II of Swabia.

Villa Bellini

Distance: 1 km
The Villa Bellini is one of the two oldest gardens and one of the four main parks of Catania. To visit The avenue of the “illustrious Men”, located west of the garden with busts of the most famous characters of Italian and Catanese history.

Abbey of Sant'Agata

Distance: 200 m
The church of the Abbey of Sant’Agata is presented today as the most perfect work of architecture, among the many masterpieces that the late Baroque reconstruction following the 1693 earthquake produced in Catania.

The Greek Roman Theater

Distance: 550 mt
Nestled between via Teatro Greco and via Vittorio Emanuele stands the   Greek Theater   Romano . It is assumed that the construction of the Theater, which could accommodate about 7,000 spectators, dates back to the second century. d.C., and that it was built on a pre-existing Greek structure built in the ancient acropolis of Catania.

Stesicoro Square

Distance: 800 m
Stesicoro Square   is one of the busiest squares of the historical center of Catania, both for its central position and for its proximity to the typical market of   “Fera o ‘Luni “ .   On the other side of the square, under the road surface, about ten meters deep, is visible a part of the Roman amphitheater brought to light at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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