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Palazzo Marletta

Palazzo Marletta is a luxury boutique hotel in Catania.
It offers a unique travel experience.

Chosen by SKY “4 Hotel”

Palazzo Marletta took part in the second edition of the well-known television program, obtaining an excellent recognition not only from the host himself but also from the other competitors.

Although it was a young structure by that time, it was called to be one of the 4 participants in the Catania edition. The positive feedback was a source of satisfaction but also an inspiration for constant growth. Today Palazzo Marletta has become a solid reality in the world of luxury hotels.

100 Progetti Italiani

“100 Progetti Italiani” brings together in a prestigious publication the 100 best architectural Italian projects of the past year, created by the most authoritative architects and designers on the national scene, also appreciated abroad.

It is an honor for us that Palazzo Marletta Luxury House Hotel has been recognized among these Made in Italy excellences. The aim of this recognition is the promotion of a new language capable of integrating aesthetics and technique, managing to express to the world the quality of our culture and our ability to innovate the history of engineering, architecture and design.

Palazzo Marletta Luxury House Hotel has successfully passed the 100 Quality Checks required by the Excellence Historic Houses Certification Protocol and is regularly certified by the ITALIAN REGISTER OF EXCELLENCE HISTORICAL HOUSES.

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Via Erasmo Merletta 7
95124 Catania CT

+39 095 6680166
+39 380 2160253

Reception Hours

07.30 am to 09.00 pm
Check-in until 11pm
upon notification to the reception

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