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The Profumìa brand was born in 1983 in Catania with the aim of outlining a new concept of perfumery, quickly becoming a leader in its sector and a point of reference for perfumery in Italy.

In 2006, Profumìa Skinlab was born, the first perfumery with beauty institute where every customer, followed by professionals, can finally take care of their appearance and body in a complete way, with high-level cosmetic technologies and treatments, personalized advices on beauty routines and make-up.

Our institute aims to be a point of reference for all those who recognize the importance of taking care of their appearance, with particular attention to the skin.

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I Vigneri

In addition to being a winery, I Vigneri are a “Maestranza” of Etna grape-growers. They have been operating on Etna and Eastern Sicily for more than 30 years. Their traditional work in the vineyard and cellar has always been supported by small innovations, and by anthropological, technical and historical researches on the territory, aimed at excellence.

They use non-invasive tools and methods, with the utmost respect for the tradition of their ancient vineyards. The main essence is the search for harmony, an organic approach, without rushing and forcing nature, in harmony with what surrounds us: the Environment and Mount Etna, of which they feel part, not above. The production philosophy is: “Human wine produced by Man for Man with respect for Man and the Environment”.

The vineyards are located in three different areas of the Volcano and at different altitudes, in order to cultivate each native vine in its specific place where it was selected or introduced in ancient times. Their winemaking cellar is an ancient Etna Palmento made of lava stone, as has always been done on Etna.

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Osteopathic treatment

It is a manual therapy that does not use machinery or drugs, it studies the individual as a whole with the aim of identifying and treating the causes of symptoms rather than focusing merely on the painful symptoms.

Through anamnesis, diagnosis and manual techniques, it aims to identify the dysfunction areas in order to rebalance the patient’s tensions and mobility.

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